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Sport Education

Ensure your sport club volunteers have the skills and knowledge they need to make your club a great place to play! A range of options are available including workshops through to online training.

Ensure your sport club volunteers have the skills and knowledge they need to make your club a great place to play!

A range of options are available including local face-to-face workshops through to online training.

Local Workshops And Courses

For information about Central Coast training options use the link below;

Sports Medicine Training

·                     SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer

·                     Elastoplast Strapsmart Taping

·                     Advanced Sports Taping

·                     Sports Tape K Advanced Plus

·                     Introduction to Sports Massage

Club Management Training

·                     Running Your Club

·                     Youth Inspired – Young Volunteer Leaders

Harassment Free Sport Training

·                     Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

·                     Child Protection in Sport

·                     Sport Rage Prevention

Coaching and Officiating Training

·                     Beginning Coaching General Principles (correspondence)

Sport Specific Training

Online Training Options

Free online training in a range of areas is available through the Australian Sports Commission at;

  • Beginning Coaching General Principles
  • Introductory Level Officiating General Principles
  • Member Protection Information Officer
  • Complaint Handling
  • Child Protection - Harassment and Discrimination
  • High Performance Motivation
  • High Performance Goal Setting
  • High Performance Decisions

Specified/Customised Training Options

Training options tailored to the meet the specific needs of your club at a date, time and venue convenient to your members.  Contact Office of Communities Sport and Recreation on 4362 3184 to discuss your needs:

  • Child Protection
  • Sports Drug Education
  • Club Administration including Risk Management, Sponsorship and Governance
  • Sports Safety
  • Sports Massage
  • Harassment Free Sport and Sport Rage Prevention
  • Level 1 and 2 Coaching Principles
  • Sport and the Law
  • Member Protection and Member Protection Information Officer Courses
  • Complaint Resoulution
  • Coaching Technique including Strength Training, Endurance Training, Core Strength and Flexibility
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Psychology
  • Disability and Inclusive Sport

Handy Resources Tools & Links

A wide range of free resources are available to support your club – use the links below to find the topic(s) where you require assistance or more information.

Play by the Rules

Browse for a range of resources and toolkits including; managing risk, handling complaints, legal stuff, resources, tool kits, interactive scenarios, MPIO, social media toolkit, racism and homophobia toolkit and more.

Office of Communities - Sport and Recreation

Resources on how to run your club including; child protection, club governance, financial management, fundraising, grants, legal issues, marketing, planning, risk management, sponsorship, sport rage prevention, volunteer management, WHS.

Australian Sports Commission

Resources on club development including; risk management, club management, governance, committee management, culture and leadership and much more.

Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing

Information on liquor licensing and conduct for sport clubs.

Good Sports

Alcohol management in sport clubs

Sports Medicine Australia – Smartplay

Resources for sport safety and sports injury

NSW Fair Trading

Information and resources on the running of incorporated associations

NSW Sports Federation

A range of resources and information including volunteer management resources

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Research and statistics on sport and recreation